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Una colección de artículos con los mejores consejos y trucos para sacar el máximo provecho de sus tiendas de Shopify y BigCommerce

How to get the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2022

Black Friday & Cyber Monday is around the corner. Check out 8 tips from the Zapiet team on how to setup your store to prepare it for the festive season!

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5 Innovative Steps You Should Consider to Move Your Business to Green

Sustainability in E-commerce is a key approach for your business to succeed in 2022. More and more business owners are implementing ethical practices to fully adapt to consumers and environmental needs and, as the result, build a powerful and trustworthy brand. Check out the article to discover the first 5 steps towards moving your business to green.

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Launch Your Online Store on Shopify Today with Pre-Built Shopify Themes

The Shopify store theme defines how your online business appears and performs for your consumers. You may choose a ready-made Shopify theme from the Theme Store or make your own with the assistance of a developer, however, selecting an existing theme has several advantages. Read the blog to learn the benefits of ready-made themes and how to integrate them with Store Pickup + Delivery.

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How to Boost Sales by Offering Livestream Shopping to Your Clients!

As the competition grows, more and more brands try to find new solutions to attract, engage and be remembered by the audience. That’s where recently buzzed livestream shopping comes in handy. Check out the article to learn what livestream shopping is and how it can help your business.

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Omnichannel: Your E-commerce Business Path to Growth

Nowadays, customers prefer using several channels and switching them without interrupting the purchasing process. It is essential to use an omnichannel retailing strategy that creates a seamless shopping experience and boosts your sales.

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Shopify POS

Shopify POS es un gran sistema de punto de venta con integraciones perfectas de comercio electrónico. Es un activo para cualquier negocio minorista, especialmente recomendado si necesitas un TPV para el comercio minorista multicanal. Lee este blog para saber más sobre las características y los precios de Shopify POS.

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