All new Shopify POS UI extensions

Get ready for some thrilling news that will make your heart race! Shopify, the groundbreaking e-commerce platform, is about to shake things up once again with the introduction of their new POS UI extensions. It's like having a magic wand in your hands, turning your store into a mesmerizing retail wonderland right before your very eyes!

The new POS UI extensions are a game-changer in the way merchants engage with their customers and operate their physical stores. Let’s dive in!

With Shopify's POS UI updates, app developers have the ability to build efficient, high-performing extensions. This means merchants can now access a huge array of brand-new apps, as well as try out existing ones with enhanced functionality. All seamlessly integrated into the Shopify POS system.

These extensions are designed to feel native to POS, delivering a cohesive and immersive experience like never before. "The native UI makes onboarding in-store colleagues easy as pie and a joy to use", Andrew Cargill, the CEO of Zapiet.

Say goodbye to sluggish loading times! With the POS extensions, all apps are supercharged, offering lightning-fast performance for improved efficiency.

Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery: take advantage of the new superpower!

Take, for instance, our app - Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, the go-to solution for on-demand and scheduled pickup and delivery orders. By using the power of Shopify’s new POS UI extensions, Zapiet has received a magnificent makeover, making it an even more powerful tool.

Let the magic begin by adding Zapiet’s POS UI extension tiles to the POS home screen.

Timeline view

Here at Zapiet we know e-commerce is all about time and speed that’s why we’re trying to optimize your in-store workflow. Now you can filter your orders by status, date, location, or delivery method to quickly access necessary data and update an order status.

Change order status

Schedule deliveries in a flash

With the new POS UI Extensions, it not only “feels 10x faster” to schedule orders in-store but all your settings enabled within Shopify admin will be automatically applied to your pickup, delivery, or shipping orders. This means if you have daily order limits set they will be reflected directly on POS.

Pickup scheduling
Dynamic rate calculation

For Shopify POS Pro users, we’ve also built a feature to dynamically calculate rates and present delivery, shipping and pickup rates on POS.

Enhanced security

With our Security Code feature you can keep your orders safe and make sure every order goes to the right customer.

Andrew Cargill, the CEO of Zapiet comments on new Shopify POS UI extensions, “this is something we’ve wanted for years. We even thought about building our own point-of-sale system as the original Shopify POS was too slow to use in a busy store environment. But our app is all about physical retail stores. Merchants are always interacting with our app and now we've curated this native experience with load times that are almost instant, you click view orders and you instantly see the orders, it’s something that can hugely increase merchants’ productivity”.

Old version vs New version

What’s next?

Zapiet has exciting plans to develop support for the CameraScanner component. This advanced technology revolutionizes barcode scanning by harnessing the power of your device's camera, allowing store associates to process orders with remarkable speed and efficiency.

And that’s not all! At Zapiet, we're always trying to stay ahead of the game. With new components coming in the future, we're committed to keeping up with Shopify updates and fine-tuning our app to deliver maximum value to Shopify merchants.

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New POS UI extensions are another example of how industry leaders create game-changing solutions to help merchants take e-commerce to the next level.

If you haven’t tried Zapiet’s new POS UI extension in action yet, be among the first merchants to elevate your in-store operations and boost sales! Let your store shine brighter than ever before, making your customers happily say, "Wow, this store is POSitively fantastic!"