When making bulk purchases, B2B clients demand flexible and convenient payment and delivery solutions. They expect to find wholesale discounts and multiple delivery methods at the checkout, along with options for partial payments to the supplier. Whilst default checkout options on the Shopify platform are limited, the integration with Zapiet and Wholesale Helper seeks to resolve this issue for store owners and their wholesale customers.

Andy Cargill, Zapiet’s founder, comments on the integration with Wholesale Helper, “it’s always a pleasure to partner with companies who offer their customers great service, and Wholesale Helper is no exception. We’re also really pleased to make business easier for our Shopify merchants working in the B2B market. We are helping them to build strong relationships with wholesale customers by offering a comprehensive wholesale pickup and delivery experience, with a Net Order Form integrated into their checkout page.”

Setup your group discounts:

  1. Within your Shopify store, head to the Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery app, and choose Wholesale Helper. Click the ‘discount group’ button to create your discount group tag.
  1. Go to the ‘percentage discounts’ tab to set the desired discount for a created group.
  1. Add your discount group tag to your customers via the Shopify settings.

Key benefits of the integration:

  • Provide customers with convenient delivery methods for wholesale orders
  • Create net payment terms, meaning that you can offer a certain number of days after your customers receive the goods to pay for them, based on the order value (Net15 – 15 days, Net30 – 30 days, and Net60 – 60 days respectively)  
  • Customise the net order form with added fields like purchase order number, payment options or shipping address
  • Allow customers to do net order checkouts directly from the order checkout page.

About Wholesale Helper:

Wholesale Helper develops Shopify apps to help businesses run a combined B2B & B2C store from a single origin. Its wide-used apps are specifically designed to simplify the retail and wholesale ordering experience for your B2B as well as B2C customers. The company was founded by e-commerce enthusiast Seth Gold and is currently powering over 8,000 Shopify stores from 56 different countries.

About Zapiet:  

Zapiet is a leading developer of Shopify apps for store pickup, local delivery, and shipping solutions. Our apps empower retailers to offer exceptional flexibility and convenience to customers, enabling previously brick-and-mortar-only businesses to leverage the potential of an integrated online store. Founded in 2015, Zapiet currently supports over 10,000 stores in more than 150 countries, ranging from pop-up stands to Fortune 500 brands.

Try out the Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery x Discount integration to enrich your Shopify store with wholesale prices, bulk discounts & net terms capabilities!

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