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Curbside pickup and delivery for Shopify restaurants

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Meet Shopify POS

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur opening your first store 
or an established brick and mortar with multiple locations, Shopify POS can work for your business. The growth of 
e-commerce accelerated many services and options

for merchants to build successful e-commerce. It’s more important than ever your business connects and unifies tools to offer a true omnichannel experience.

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source: shopify.com

Provide a genuine omnichannel experience

With Shopify POS let your customers shop their way.
Browse in store, buy online
Buy online, pickup in-store
Buy in-store, ship to customer
Buy and return anywhere
Email customers about their in-store favourites.
Bring online customers in-store
and upsell at pickup.
Never lose a sale even when 
in-store inventory is limited.
Accept in-store returns and exchanges of items bought online.

Learn about omnichannel retail with shopify experts

Shopify experts let us in on what it takes to succeed. Learn actionable steps
to success from our experts in e-commerce, from fulfilment to rewards
loyalty and the all in one POS system from Shopify to own your retail.
Episode 1: Building the Best Shop Experience on Shopify

Jordy Heis from Shopify tells us some Shopify POS myths and what it takes
to succed on Shopify today.

Episode 2: Translating the Customer Experience across all Channels

Chris Vanderkolk from Marsello gives us some great insight into translating
the customer experience from online 
to brick and mortar.

Episode 3: Building a Brand through Loyalty on Shopify

Tim Peckover from Smile.io gives some great tips on when to implement
a rewards program for the most interesting e-commerce trends right now.

Episode 4: The Value of In-store Pickup with Omnichannel Retail

Zapiet's own CEO Andrew Cargill gives some great tips on adding Zapiet and what makes in-store pickup so valuable for merchants. Andrew also gives
us some tips on where to start with Zapiet and Shopify.