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Orkestro’s On-Demand Delivery Service Now Available for Shopify

Orkestro’s On-Demand Delivery Service Now Available for Shopify

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Andrew Cargill

Today, we’re announcing our newest integration: Orkestro now connects seamlessly with Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery for Shopify.

Orkestro is a service that automates the local delivery process by matching each order to the best courier for the job. Launched in London, Orkestro lets merchants sign up once and get access to all of their couriers in the region. Through our integration, Shopify merchants using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery will be able to access those London couriers, and based on the type of order, Orkestro automatically selects the right delivery provider for the job.

Orkestro is more than a software link, though. The support team also manages operations and customer service: they chase up late deliveries, book alternative couriers and give merchants access to real-time analytics. This is a handy and low risk way for merchants to expand into new areas. They can test new markets and reach new customers without all the extra admin and the need to expand their support team.

With the integration in place, merchants using both Orkestro and Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery can offer the best prices to their shoppers dynamically. At checkout, the rates fields are populated automatically according to the chosen courier. Orkestro can also be used as a way to aggregate orders from multiple platforms - so this integration allows existing Orkestro users to easily add Shopify to their range of shopping channels.

Andrew Cargill, Zapiet’s founder, believes Orkestro is a huge step forward for delivery in the London area:

“We’re really excited to launch our integration with Orkestro. Not all couriers cover all of London, and not all of them offer the right service at the right time. Orkestro makes things easier for merchants: through a single service they can reach dozens of couriers and easily and automatically.”

Our integration gives merchants easy access to fast, flexible deliveries - a feature increasingly expected by online shoppers and demanded by Shopify store owners. Once a novelty, same-day delivery quickly became a competitive advantage. Now, in bigger cities, it’s almost a minimum requirement. In a study by affiliate network Awin, 2,000 UK shoppers said that what they most wanted from stores and most expected to see from stores in the coming years was same-day delivery.

"We are thrilled to launch this new integration with Zapiet - the market-leading on-demand delivery app for Shopify. Online shopping is expected to be more convenient than going to a physical store, and with Zapiet and Orkestro we enable Shopify stores to fit more intelligently into their customers’ lives. Now Shopify retailers can compete against giants like Amazon by offering instant and precise (1-hour window) delivery options." - Valeriya Shunina, Orkestro

We are investing in a growing number of integrations with sophisticated services like Orkestro’s, and this year we’ll be expanding our coverage to many new parts of the world. Got a suggestion for us? Get in touch:

About Zapiet

Zapiet is the leading app developer for store pickup and delivery functionality on Shopify. Founded in 2015 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, the company pioneered store pickup and delivery functionality for Shopify merchants. Solutions from Zapiet provide the flexibility, scalability, and performance required for both delivery and brick-and-mortar store pickup. To learn more, please visit and follow @zapiet on Twitter.

About Orkestro

Orkestro is the technology platform that manages the entire last-mile delivery process, automatically matching any given order to the most appropriate courier. The company's mission is to orchestrate all deliveries to reduce waste, traffic and pollution, while making 'on-demand' offering more accessible. Reaching every courier service provider in London, combined with advanced data analytics and a dedicated live operations team, Orkestro is able to devise solutions to even the most complex delivery requirements. As 'on-demand' is becoming the new expectation, Orkestro equips online and brick-and-mortar retailers with a future-proof and scalable logistics system. To learn more about Orkestro, visit or contact

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