After touring the world for a second consecutive year, Hermès found its way to Lisbon to introduce the latest edition of the Hermès magazine: ‘Le monde d’Hermès chapter II – the quest for planet Rocabar’.  

Based in Lisbon myself, I had the chance to visit the kiosk, and enjoy everything the event offered. It took place in the gardens of the MAAT museum, by the Tejo River.

My first stop was to visit the small orange kiosk, boasting the charm of a classic Parisian newsstand, to pick up my copy of the magazine.  

The kiosk attendant explained that this edition is fully interactive. All I had to do was download the Hermes app to my phone, point the phone’s camera at the little eye icon in the corner of the pages, and a hologram appeared! This hologram takes the form of a cute golden bird that provides information about the magazine's content, the technology behind it, and offers insight as to what’s inside. With this, we were welcomed to embark upon a captivating adventure, exploring the magazine's portrayal of Hermès' "audacious innovation, creative expression, and imaginative concepts".

By offering a glimpse into the diverse world of Hermès, this experience not only facilitated an exploration of the brand's rich history, but also served as an effective means of conveying the true essence of Hermès.

The magazine itself is a beautiful blend of fashion, art, and exceptional design, making it a wonderful example of interactivity-meets-creativity.  

A quick history of Hermès:

Hermès is known around the world for its iconic ‘Birkin’ bag.

The story of the Birkin bag began on a chance encounter on a flight in the 1980s.  

The actress Jane Birkin was sitting next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the chief executive of Hermès. During the flight, she lamented about the difficulty of finding a perfect leather weekend bag.  
She described her ideal bag to Dumas, and he took notes, inspired by her passion for quality and functionality.

This chance conversation led to the creation of a handbag that would become a symbol of luxury, elegance, and exclusivity. The Birkin bag was meticulously designed, handcrafted by skilled artisans, and was made from the finest materials. It featured a simple yet timeless design, with clean lines and a functional yet stylish silhouette.

The Birkin played a significant role in catapulting Hermès to global fame and establishing it as a legendary luxury brand. With its unique design and craftsmanship, the desire to own a Birkin quickly spread among the fashion elite. It became a status symbol, a representation of taste and affluence. The waiting list for a Birkin grew, and it remains to this day one of the most coveted and elusive accessories in the world.

Back to the event...

The event was filled with a variety of activities, each more delightful than the last. There were talented cartoonists, a vibrant flower stand, a Echo Gelato Lab stall providing delicious ice cream, live music, and even board games – all of which were complimentary. This may seem curious given Hermès' reputation as a selective and luxurious brand. Even the gift bag containing the magazine, and the napkin accompanying the ice cream were meticulously crafted to exude tasteful elegance. So, why offer these complimentary activities to the public? Perhaps Hermès aims to foster closeness with its audience.

The event was a triumph and a thoroughly enjoyable day!

I had the opportunity to connect with individuals who share my passion for fashion and art. However, the highlight of this splendid afternoon was the ice cream and the captivating live music! The ice cream stand offered incredible flavours, such as cantaloupe with ginger and watermelon with mint, and the live music featured the talented Varela brothers, Sebastião and Gaspar, who played the Portuguese guitar with exquisite skill.

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